Multimodal transportation

  • In cooperation with our partners and major shipping companies, we offer our clients a combined transport throughout Europe via sea and river ports.

  • We specialize in organizing and executing “door-to-door” deliveries including consolidation of cargo at the port hubs, storage, labelling, packaging, crating, customs clearance and timely delivery.

  • Consoladation of cargo in the port hubs of Antwerp, Luebeck,

    St.Petersburg, Ust-Luga

  •   Using rail, ship and road transport in optimal combination

    together with our know-how efficiently brings your goods

    to destinations in:

  • Great Britain and  Scandinavia , oil and wind offshore platforms

  • Central and Eastern Europe

  • Caspian Sea and Central Asia

  • Russia,  including remote Polar regions

With our multimodal transport you benefit from warehousing at various consolidation points which translates into faster transit of goods and cost savings.

Advantages of multimodal transport.

  •   Only one company is responsible for the whole transportation process

  •   Web-based management of goods flow

  •   Rational exploitation of the transport infrastructure

  •   Efficient routes-and stowage place planning

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